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ONE TO TRY …carrot ‘Malbec F1’?

There are dozens of carrot varieties in the seed catalogues and new ones appearing every year, so it can be hard to make a choice if you fancy trying something new.

Last season I tried a relatively new imperator type called ‘Malbec F1’ which is available from Mr

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Reader Offers
An essential part of any kitchen garden has to be alliums. With endless culinary uses, onions, shallots and garlic have become a real staple in virtually every cuisine throughout the ages. This specially selected collection contains some of our best-
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Pests And Problems
Rats and mice can wreak havoc if they get into a vegetable store. Keep doors closed and block any gaps so your potatoes, apples and pumpkins remain intact. Protect sprouting pea and bean seeds too - mice dig up seeds and nip off shoots. These grey ap
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What To Do In January
■ Pick over salads and any veg being overwintered and remove any dead or yellow leaves. ■ If you have heat, such as a propagator, sow early onions in plug trays or pots to produce seedlings ready for planting out in spring. ■ Continue to prepare the