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“This is my ultimate salad of summer 2020 – for a light midweek supper, lunch at the beach or a braai side”
“Delicious with a glass of chilled white wine. Light, tasty and so satisfying”
“It’s ready to impress in no time at all”



“Delicious with a glass of chilled white wine. Light, tasty and so satisfying.”

Serves 4 EASY Preparation: 10 minutes

Woolworths bakery sourdough
1 loaf, sliced and toasted
Woolworths Ayrshire ricotta 1 x 250 g tub
Woolworths roasted cherry tomatoes 1 x 180 g jar
anchovies 6 fillets, finely chopped
Woolworths pitted Kalamata olives with herbs 1 x 70 g sachet
capers 50 g
Woolworths chilli-infused olive oil 2 T, for drizzling
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
celery leaves or basil, to garnish

Spread the ricotta onto the toasted sourdough. Toss the remaining ingredients together

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