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Next-level cocktail books for aspiring bartenders and mixologists

Classic, experimental and irreverent cocktail books for movers, shakers, and entertainers.
Make better drinks at home.
Make better drinks at home. (K U via Unsplash/)

The art of mixology combines flavors, scents, aesthetics, and science for truly incredible drinks—and you don’t have to be a professional bartender to appreciate it. Go all-in on advanced equipment, or just start adding bitters and garnishes

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Popular Science7 min lettiMedical
Somebody’s Gotta Do It
LIFE IS RARELY WORRY-FREE, but unprecedented angst has become a constant. Beyond the regular challenges of everyday existence—chaotic households, traffic jams, overbearing bosses—the looming presence of a deadly virus has made even mundane decisions
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Is CBD The Next Miracle Therapy?
CHARLOTTE FIGI WAS five when she made history in 2011 as the youngest patient in Colorado to receive cannabidiol treatment. Doctors prescribed the substance, known as CBD, to soothe her violent seizures, and within two years she was walking, talking,
Popular Science13 min lettiMedical
Have A Nice Trip
THE FIRST TIME I get high on Ketamine, I'm not sure I'm doing it right. The setting is nice enough: I’m tucked beneath a gray weighted blanket, reclining on a creamy leather chair. Headphones deliver the sort of playlist you’d find by searching for “