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. If you touch an areawhere you have alot of fat, you mightnotice that it’s colder. This is becausefat deposits havevery low bloodflow. One

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From Couch To Coach
as she stood in line at the grocery store with her 10-month-old son Tye, Brianna Bernard noticed a magazine headline that read, “How They Lost 100 Pounds.” At the time, the admitted emotional eater weighed 245 pounds and suffered from knee pain simpl
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Just the smell of toast is enough to make anyone’s mouth water, and now this breakfast staple is topping trendy restaurant menus across the country, starring in main courses to be eaten with a fork and knife. And why not? A great slice of bread is th
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Why Oh Why Is There Pain In My Inner Thighs?
BY ERIN CALDERONE, MS, NASM MASTER TRAINER, CES, BCS, AFAA-GFI, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Glendale Community College in Southern California My inner thighs get tight and sore after I run, squat or even do kettlebell swings What’s going on?