Press for success

For upper-body strength and athletic power, few moves rival the overhead press. From a functional standpoint, pressing weight overhead requires stability from floor to core while still requiring adequate shoulder movement in all directions. Overhead presses are also a staple for building the shapely curves of the anterior and medial deltoids, and if you can hookshot your carry-on into the overhead bin with one arm, that’s a win for everyone.


This OG press is used more in bodybuilding circles than it is in the military, but it got its title because of its militaristically strict form prescription, which prevents the use of

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Stretch & Recover
Unless you’ve won the lottery and can afford to have a massage therapist on call, let the PSO-Rite recovery tool do your postworkout heavy lifting. This versatile gadget mimics the shape of a hand and elbow and is specifically designed to target the
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Track This, Not That
Fitness trackers have many benefits, including motivation, accountability and even fun. But research published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that they also can increase anxiety. While some study participants benefited from their d
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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
the past year has been an emotional roller coaster. From natural disasters to disastrous discord, it was like trying to keep your balance on a fun-house moving walkway that was, let’s face it, anything but fun. But as you grappled with fear and confu