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There’s a holiday dedicated to it, a million poems about it, dozens of industries built around it, and no synonyms for it: . The four-letter word refers to perhaps the

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Tahini Genie
Nut butters have had their fun. Now there’s a cooler spread ready to be drizzled on all of your fave foods: tahini, a creamy (also Middle Eastern and Mediterranean) ingredient in hummus. Made from roasted sesame seeds, tahini is packed with healthy f
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Beauty Closet MVPs
“My skin takes a beating from grimy city air. This primer both blurs pores and strengthens my skin’s protective barrier.” —Kristina Rodulfo, beauty director “Housed in a recyclable bottle, this three-ingredient mist fights bacteria and inflammation;
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Lock and Load
1. Sit on bench grasping a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing forward, elbows at shoulder height and bent 90 degrees. 2. Brace core as you press weights straight overhead until arms are fully extended and next to ears. 3. Hold; reverse movement to r