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Get a great retro look in one click

nce you’ve captured an image, and checked the screen on the back of the camera to confirm you’ve actually got it in the can, you’ll be aware there’s a range of other possibilities for how that image could look. Although the colour picture you see is composed in a particular way, there is a possible version of it in gritty black-and-white, and another with a romantic, soft-focus feel. Add to that a version with subdued

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Digital Camera World3 min letti
Shoot A Stylish Fashion Portrait
Challenge 1 Emily-Clare Negus England in December is a hard month to call weather-wise, and few things concern outdoor photographers more than the likelihood of an imminent washout. But other than a few spats falling during the very first shot, condi
Digital Camera World3 min letti
How To Light Up Your Dessert
Of course, it only makes sense to finish with dessert. The great news is you really don’t have to know anything about cooking to take amazing dessert pictures: there are so many photogenic store-bought options, which can be made even more mouth-water
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It’s A Stable Career
Shortly into our shoot with equine photographer Amy Lathrope-Reid, she needs to get one of her models – the four-legged one called Roo – to look towards her. But she doesn’t need to make a gesture: instead, Amy just whinnies like a horse: “Eeeiiiiigh