Sun and Moon radiance


Aries, you are the wild child of the zodiac; the fiery ram leaping to fulfil desires and to address wrongs. Ruled by the warrior energy of Mars, lover Venus is your natural complement. Fortunately, planet Venus brings a gentle nurturing balance to March, boosting appreciation of simple pleasures at your Aries New Moon of March 24. This helps you balance the obsessiveness that a Mars/Pluto meeting could evoke in late March. Venus then facilitates ease and success in all forms of communication, supported by harmonious links with Mars in April, May and July. This special time builds new alliances and renews social connections. Mighty Mars moves through Aries from June 28 until January 2021, due to a rare retro cycle. This means restrain your impatience and hold faith in the people you love, despite the tests of mid-July, late July and early August. Meanwhile, mid-August through to September and early November could challenge your faith in yourself and projects. Retro means challenges are repeated, and a retrospective review comes from September 10 to mid-November. You are well designed to overcome obstacles, but now must learn to do this gradually. Celebrate October 2’s Full Moon in Aries as a template for creatively expressing inner tension. Once Mars moves direct from November 14, you will know the hard-won wisdom this long process has provided: not just fiery enthusiasm in your actions, but a warming inner fire that ensures clear vision, recharging your vocational passion and sweetening relationships.


2020 is a year full of positive potential for Taurus, with Earth and Water harmonies ensuring growth. Bounteous Venus, your guiding planet, meets change-planet Uranus in Taurus on March

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