Root-to-stem cooking

There’s been a lot of talk about the concept of nose-to-tail cooking when it comes to cooking meat, but what about our forgotten plants? Although it’s not a new concept, root-to-stem cooking is gaining traction, not only in Australian restaurants but also in households by people keen to cook more consciously and reduce their food waste. Most modern recipe books encourage cooks to cut, deseed and peel vegetables and fruits, so it’s no surprise that a staggering amount of edible and nutritious produce ends up in the trash. According to OzHarvest, 35 per cent of the average household bin is attributed to food waste, with more than 5 million tonnes of food ending up as landfill in Australia (enough to fill 9000 Olympic-sized swimming pools!).

So, what exactly does it mean to cook root-to-stem? Root-to-stem cooking sees the whole food item being used in the kitchen, from the zest of your lemons to the green tops of carrots. This includes the leaves, skins, seeds, stalks and everything in between. Cooking root-to-stem may not come easily at first, but with careful meal planning you can reap the rewards and save your household money while you’re at it.

By cooking more consciously, you will stop throwing away useful food scraps

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