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Three tricks to make your fresh herbs last year-round

Hanging mistletoe around the holidays is creepy. Hang herbs instead.
Hanging mistletoe around the holidays is creepy. Hang herbs instead. (robynmac via Deposit Photos/)

Every cooking enthusiast knows that few things make more of a difference in the kitchen than adding fresh herbs to your recipes. It’s not only flavor, but also aroma and that bright pop of color that makes dishes look even more delicious.

But especially during the winter months, fresh herbs are hard to come by, so preserving them can be really helpful. Any type of herb can be saved—from woody ones like rosemary and thyme, to leafy varieties like basil and parsley.

So whether you have a lush backyard garden, keep some oregano and mint growing on your windowsill, or just don’t want that delicious cilantro you purchased to go to waste, there are some great and easy ways to make your fresh herbs last for months to come.

Depending on how many you have to preserve

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