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Kamala Harris shutters campaign. Does she have a shot at VP?

Jane Gasperi, seen here in front of her home in Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 3, canceled her house party for Kamala Harris on Monday evening. She is not sure whom she will support, now that Senator Harris has dropped out. Not Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, she says. They are “the old” Democratic Party. Source: Story Hinckley/The Christian Science Monitor

On Monday evening, Kamala Harris’ Des Moines headquarters was humming with activity. Millennials sat with laptops at folding tables, twinkly Christmas lights above their heads. Purple and yellow “For the People” signs spelled out “Iowa” in a giant floor-to-ceiling display. 

The campaign was hitting all of its outreach targets to finish in the top three in the Iowa caucuses, Senator Harris’ state communications director said over breakfast with a reporter Tuesday morning, promising to follow up about a candidate meet-and-greet in Decorah.

Not long after, she texted: “The office is closed. Sorry.”

The suspension of the California senator’s presidential bid shocked her supporters here and around the country. Yes, her poll numbers had plummeted, and recent media reports had portrayed a poorly run campaign plagued with internal divisions. But she had performed well in the last debate, and

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