Molly Shannon Opens Up About Life After HBO's 'Divorce'

"I think women are hungry to see themselves represented on-screen," Shannon said of the third and final season of the HBO dramedy.
PartingShot_mollyshannon Source: Illustration by Britt Spencer

"I think women are hungry to see themselves represented on screen," Molly Shannon told Newsweek about the third and final season of the dramedy Divorce. airing Monday nights on HBO and starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Frances and Thomas Haden Church as Robert. "It's a show I would be watching if I wasn't on it."

Shannon has represented a wide spectrum of women, from her iconic Saturday Night Live characters to her lovingly authentic portrayal of a dying mother in the 2016 film Other People. On Divorce, her character Diane is forced to evolve beyond codependency when her husband Nick (Tracy Letts) is sent to prison for embezzlement.

"This season started with Diane at rock bottom," Shannon told . "She has no home, no husband, no money. She was used to relying on her husband who was the breadwinner, she never

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