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like most people, has strong opinions about fruitcake. “There’ll never be a scenario in which fruitcake is appropriate,” she says. It’s funny to hear one of the talk about whether something is appropriate. Consider the show’s holiday special, “A Very Sunny Christmas.” In a mere 43 minutes, a grown man realizes that his childhood Christmas tradition involved breaking into neighboring houses and stealing their presents; a rabid, illiterate guy bites a mall Santa’s neck; and a slimed-up, naked Danny DeVito is “birthed” from a leather couch. The secret to the show’s success, the actors say, is that the cast is down for anything. Or, as DeVito describes it, they have an attitude of “You know, why not?” Olson’s character has been set on fire, rammed headfirst into a car door, and unflatteringly compared to a bird. “I’m surprised at how often Danny and I get asked, ‘Is there anything that they’ve written that you’ve said no to?’ Absolutely not.” has pushed them into history. For the time being, is tied with as the longest-running live sitcom, and that pisses the duo off. “It’s not fulfilling yet,” Olson says. “So we have to whip their ass,” DeVito adds. “We don’t want anybody close to us.”

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