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IF you want to understand your circadian rhythm better, it helps to think about The Bachelorette. (Stay with us here!)

The producers map out each day, scheduling events in a particular order to keep the show progressing the way it’s supposed to: In the morning, there’s a date card selecting the dudes who will attempt to woo the leading lady first. Next is the group date, which continues the quest for a love connection. In the evening, a rose ceremony advances the healthiest relationships and weeds out the toxic ones. If these events and interactions didn’t occur at the right times, the show wouldn’t make sense—or even function.

Your body is the same way, following a sort of script in the form of a daily schedule it’s programmed to want to stick to.

“We have certain rules and. It’s all determined by your circadian rhythm, basically an internal timepiece that affects so much more than just sleep.

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