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Reducing Plastic Consumption: 5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Plastic-free

Reducing Plastic Consumption: 5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Plastic-free by Michael Gorman. Photograph of a sea turtle stuck in a fishing next by National Geographic
Photograph courtesy of National Geographic

Going plastic-free in the workplace is a simple and impactful way to do your part to protect our planet — you might even start a trend at the office

The world as we know it is going to continue to get much worse until we realize the necessity to protect our natural environment. Fauna and vegetation are suffering greatly because of people’s ignorance and bad habits — and one of the biggest culprits is plastic.

Sadly, throwing plastic in waters, in the mountains pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Fortunately, people are finally starting to wake up and realize that left unchecked, this act of ignorance is going to . 

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