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SEP 01

Sobriety Will Seem Rational

National Recovery Month begins.

DRINKING ITSELF IS ON the rise (especially binge drinking among women), but so is a new kind of sobriety. It’s not affiliated with AA,

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Tomorrow: David Wallace-Wells
THE MORE WE LEARN ABOUT COVID-19 and the best practices with which to combat it, the clearer it is that we are living still in a valley of pandemic ignorance. Americans are suffering and dying at historic rates, but the laws governing the ebb and flo
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“I Am Going to Sue Merce Cunningham”
Born: August 27, 1938 THERE’S SOME ADVICE I WISH I HADN’T FOLLOWED. Merce Cunningham said, “Wear weights on your ankles; it will strengthen your back,” and so I forced myself to dance and do class that way. And that was damaging my back progressivel
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Cine Phobia
IN THE AUTUMN of 1918, as the second wave of the deadly influenza epidemic that had been rampaging across the world reached the U.S., people started staying away from movie theaters. Soon, as more people got sick, local authorities would order them s