Walter Mercado

Star of the stars

WALTER MERCADO, WHO DIED IN HIS LATE 80S ON NOV. 2, WAS a giant in the field of astrology, having made his forecasts understandable and instantly useful to a wide Spanish-speaking audience. My hat goes off to him, because he did much to start the modern

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For the Record
Distance a Russian woman swam under the frozen surface of Lake Baikal in a single breath on Jan. 7, believed to be a world record for under-ice swimming Australian authorities ruled on Jan. 15 that “Joe the pigeon,” originally thought to have flown o
TIME4 min lettiAmerican Government
A New Chance To Lead Through Science
ON JAN. 20, 2020, SCIENTISTS AT THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION (CDC) CONFIRMED THE FIRST CASE OF COVID-19 IN THE U.S. At the time, we had no hint of the devastation to come—more than 24 million infected; 400,000 dead; and schools, bus
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The State Of Feminism
The pervasive narrative that COVID-19 has been a disaster of feminism, when that description clearly refers only to its effect on professional women, reflects a myopic view of gender rights. Since the early 20th century, the white-feminist ideology h