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Souljourn Yoga collaborates with local organizations in Cambodia, Peru, and Morocco to support girls’ education and empowerment.

took her first yoga teacher training at the end of college while she was dealing with a toxic and abusive relationship. After she broke away from her partner, she stopped practicing

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Leader Of The Pack
When I walked into my first yoga teacher training, I was on unstable ground. I was newly married, had just left my career in film and theatre, and was grappling with anxiety and depression. Ready to step into my next chapter, I decided to move back t
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Are Wellness Coliving Spaces The Key to Modern-Day Happiness?
Think dorm-style communal living is only for college kids? Think again. For those who hang their hats in wellness coliving spaces—where groups of people live (literally) on top of each other in repurposed residential properties in exchange for awesom
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A Begin seated in Dandasana (Staff Pose) with your legs extended in front of you. B Cross one shin in front of the other so that your knees stack over your feet. C Sit directly on top of your sitting bones so that your pelvis is upright, neither spil