You’ve Been Sued — Now What?

Legal problems can crop up from out of nowhere. Find out how to minimize the costs to your time and wallet—and how to avoid common hazards in the first place.

Less than a year into launching HireAHelper in 2007, co-founders Mike Glanz and Pete Johnson were close to turning a profit. But the owners would soon find themselves fighting to keep their moving-services marketplace alive, when industry behemoth U-Haul sued the startup over a trademark dispute. “We were just about to break even—and all of a sudden we were looking at five- and six-figure legal bills coming in,” says Glanz, CEO of the Oceanside, California–based company.

Soon the founders were embroiled in a three-year court battle that drastically upended their company’s plans. Until the litigation was settled out of court, the process forced them to

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