Amy McGrath on How She Plans to Beat Mitch McConnell in 2020

A fighter pilot, Amy McGrath has already been to war three times and is now taking on, arguably, the most powerful man of Washington
In the wake of a close 2018 election loss, former combat pilot Amy McGrath’s campaign has broken fund-raising records.
PER_McGrath_01_064412556 Source: Getty/Jason Davis

It requires nerves of steel to take on Mitch McConnell, arguably the most powerful man in Washington. But Amy McGrath has already been to war and back, three times. The 44-year-old retired Lieutenant Colonel, an Independent-turned-Democrat, is challenging the self-declared Grim Reaper for the Senate seat he's clung onto since 1985.

McGrath has had tougher, though. During her 20-year career with the Marines, she became the first woman to fly in a F/A-18 fighter jet in combat and took on 89 missions in the Middle East, fighting Al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents. When she retired into civilian life in 2017, she was dismayed by what she saw as a lack of action in Congress so she ran for office in a district that voted for Trump by 15.3 points. She lost by only three points—a small enough margin to encourage her to give it another go.

There seems to be hope. Within 24 hours of announcing her latest run, McGrath raised $2.5 million, the most ever earned in the first day of a Senate campaign. McGrath intends to run a campaign based on road maps devised by two successful

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