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Astronomers may have spotted strands in the ‘cosmic web’ linking galaxies

Researchers just caught the first real glimpse of two strings of gas, which they call “filaments,” connecting multiple galaxies in the void
Simulations suggest that galaxies flow together in vast filaments.
Simulations suggest that galaxies flow together in vast filaments. (Volker Springel/Max Planck Institute For Astrophysics/SPL/)

If you could zoom all the way out from Earth, past the sun, past our galaxy, beyond the local group of galaxies the Milky Way belongs to, all the way out to gaze upon the whole universe… it might look something like an extremely unsatisfying serving of cotton candy.

You'd see , stars, and even atoms, and between those dead spots you'd see countless delicate strands of all different lengths and sizes. , Andromeda galaxy, and our entire backyard cluster amount to little more

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