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The Price of Convenience

UR retail magazine distribution model is well known and set in stone, and it’s been that way since Christ was a cowboy, figuratively speaking. What I’m talking about is the mechanics, mathematics and logistics of selling magazines in retail outlets nationwide. It’s no state secret or protected by providence, so I’ll share it with you. What you see instore is a range of magazines to choose from which is very convenient and a great shopping experience. Impulse buying, habitual repeat buying are all in the wonderful mix of the shopping experience, but that comes at a very

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NZ Hot Rod3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
REMEMBER Phil Marks cool Daimler V8 powered C Cab which was featured in April ’78 NZHRM. These days Phil lives in LA and has sent us a drawing/ cutaway he did of the Daimler C cab. The C Cab now resides in Phil’s LA garage alongside his ‘46 Ford wood
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NZ Hot Rod
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NZ Hot Rod3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
50th Anniversary Road Runners Otaihanga Picnic
AS the story goes back in 1969, the Miramar boys were hanging out, and the Early American Car Club guys challenged them to a softball game. So where are we going to do that? Otaihanga Domain would be a good spot, nice and quiet, not too many people a