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Dispelling 3 Myths of Motherhood that Sap Your Joy, Your Work & Your Children

Dispelling 3 Myths of Motherhood that Sap Your Joy, Your Work & Your Children by Lauren Marie. Photograph of a mother with her child playing piano by Paige Cody
Photograph by Paige Cody

Don’t fall prey to the expecations and ‘shoulds’ of motherhood. Free yourself to be spontaneous, creative, and YOU each moment as a mother

What happens when a career-driven, ambitious entrepreneur becomes pregnant and starts a family? Oftentimes, she becomes a ‘mompreneur’ or ‘supermom’ and sometimes both.

Once she becomes a mother, the same fire that was lit still burns inside her, or at least it can if she still strives to create, to work, and to be there for all

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