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Sonos Move speaker review: Great sound in a semi-portable package

The first portable Sonos speaker sounds great, is kinda chunky.
The Sonos Move is right at home in an Adirondack chair.
The Sonos Move is right at home in an Adirondack chair. (Stan Horaczek/)

On-paper, the Sonos Move speaker doesn’t make a ton of sense. It’s a portable speaker that weighs six pounds and promises just 10 hours of battery life—when some of its competition claim more than double that number. At 10 inches tall and six-inches around, it’s too big to easily stuff into a typical day bag or backpack. And it costs $400, which is extremely high if you’re only comparing it to other Bluetooth speakers.

Listen to music on the Move, however, and its purpose becomes much clearer. Inside your house, the Move works

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