intuitive training

The quip that failing to plan is planning to fail most certainly holds true with training, and if you continually go to the gym without a clue as to what you’re working and why, your results will likely never come. Yet at some point, lifters reach a level where they can ditch the rigidity of a structured plan and implement a little more poetic license into their workouts. They are ready to train intuitively.

Schedule? What Schedule?

Programming your workout schedule in advance allows you to map out your plan of attack and track your progress over time. But regardless of what your pre-written schedule says, you decide instead to work whatever you feel readiest for that day. For instance, if you have a heavy leg workout scheduled for Wednesday but you really feel like doing legs on Monday, do them Monday. This is what it means to train intuitively.

Intuitive training means learning to recognize the mental and physical cues that your body is sending you, then adjusting your training to reflect how rested, energized and ready you are to work out. This doesn’t mean you should ditch your programming altogether, though, and there are certainly days when your planned workout and physiological readiness align perfectly. But if you planned on lifting super heavy but are too sore or if you’re dragging all day

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