premium cable is any indication of things to come, it’s only a matter of time until a quickly mutating virus turns us all to zombies, a wave of fires blazes across the country, or an alien species invades the planet and forces us to lick their spaceships clean. Whether the end of the world is nigh or not, we seem to spend a lot of time pondering it, which is probably why functional fitness is so popular. Functional fitness connects us to our primitive ancestors who ascended obstacles and outran predators because they had to — not because it gave them firm butts and chiseled delts. And even though the apocalypse is only hypothetical, knowing that you’re fit enough to give those space invaders a run for their money may help you sleep better at night.

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The No-equipment Back Workout
If at-home workouts have taught us anything, it’s that it sucks training back without equipment. These creative exercises use a towel and your bodyweight to hit all the major muscle groups on your flip side. Sure, they look simple, but when done prop
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NASM, PES, CES Photographer for “Fitness Quest,” Page 30; “Master Class,” Page 44 Professional photographer Sean Michel has been shooting for more than 10 years and has captured everything from portraits to real estate to weddings and more. “But my f
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Ask the Nutritionist
Q+A Should I be concerned about arsenic in rice? Maybe. Arsenic is a toxic element that can lead to cancer and cardiovascular disease with longterm exposure, and full transparency: It is in nearly everything you eat and drink in tiny amounts. Inorgan