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10 Longevity Tips All Women Need to Know for a Healthy Heart

10 Longevity Tips All Women Need to Know for a Healthy Heart by Lynda Arbon. Photograph of a group of hands together with a heart painted on them by Tim Marshall
Photograph by Tim Marshall

Heart disease is not just an issue for men;, it’s the #1 threat to women’s health too. Here are 10 lifestyle changes to improve your heart health

Most women take a healthy heart for granted. When they hear the words “heart attack” they probably think of their spouse before themselves. They don’t know that heart diseases kill more women than breast cancer. Yes, you heard it right! Breast cancer is not the biggest health risk; heart diseases are the #1 threat to a woman’s health.

Let’s have a look at these simple 10 heart-healthy tips to help you manage your risks and cut down the

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