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The Revolving Door of Trump’s Apprentices

Who got the ax—and who resigned in the nick of time.

On Sept. 10, John Bolton worked his last day as national security advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump. Bolton had run afoul of the president on several issues, including stalled negotiations with the Taliban, North Korea, and Iran. Bolton’s 520-day stint in office made him one of the shortest-serving national security advisors in modern history, but his case is far from unusual in the Trump administration.

Here are our top reads on some other dismissals and resignations from the Trump administration. This nonexhaustive list, the first in a two-part series, covers 2017 to mid-2018.

, Acting U.S. Attorney General Dismissed Jan. 30, 2017 Yates was dismissed for insubordination after telling Justice Department officials not to defend the so-called Muslim travel ban. As ’s Elias Groll in a profile, her “act of defiance earned Yates the distinction of being one of the first officials fired by Trump. And it reminded the nation what principled resistance to the president should look like.”

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