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1. Delaware

Bethany Beach Tri

Swim, bike, run

When they say multisport, they mean it. You can pick from a combination of swimming, biking, and running. No need to do a triathlon (this one’s a 1K swim, 30K bike, and 7.4K run) or half marathon, although they have those. You can also do a duathlon (run, bike, run), an aquabike (swim, bike), or a 5K run. The courses are flat, so expect fast times. The whole seaside town gets involved: The transition area is on the main street, and when you cross the finish line, you can party on the boardwalk. September 20 to 22;

2. New Hampshire

Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb


In 1904, auto manufacturers showcased their “horseless carriages” on a steep hill on Mount Washington. (Mercedes won.) Today, 635 people line up annually to do the climb on two wheels. This 7.6-mile bike race is far steeper than what you see in the Tour de France. The average grade is 12 percent, with extended sections of 18 percent, capped off by a 22 percent grade for the last 50 yards. It’s considered the toughest paved-hill climb in the world. August 15;

3. Maine

Odyssey SwimRun Casco Bay

Swim, run

The growing-in-the-U. S. sport of SwimRunand so on for either 21-ish miles (about 17 running, four swimming) or 11-ish miles (about nine running, two swimming). It’s adventure plus agility, and the sport’s still small enough for you to feel like you’re part of an intrepid, supportive family during races.

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