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What is this chicken-stuffed deep-fried pizzadilla and why is it all over the internet?

This horrific beast combines BBQ chicken, pepperoni, tortillas and pizza – and it’s of a bigger Frankenfood phenomenon
The Deep-fried BBQ Chicken-stuffed Pizzadilla starts with chicken and spices and then adds horror and complexity - as well as other pizza ingredients such as pepperoni and cheese. Photograph: Twitter/ @_kurlykay

Please forgive me for not knowing – I am old(ish) – but what’s all this on the web about the chicken video?

Hi Dave. Don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with age, and everything with knowing what you should and should not do when it comes to cooking chicken, tortillas and pizza.

Basically, a horrible video. It starts with chicken and spices, then adds horror and complexity, and keeps going and going and going until what you end up with is a Deep-fried BBQ Chicken-stuffed Pizzadilla. Other ingredients include pepperoni and cheese, breadcrumbs and ranch sauce to dip it in.

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