How to Find Your Passion (If Your Passion Isn't Your Product!)

Jonathan Barnett launched Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning as a way to support his true passions in life. But he found that supporting his employees is his greatest achievement.
Source: Courtesy of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
Courtesy of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

When Jonathan Barnett launched Carpet Cleaning in 2006, at the age of 26, he had one goal in mind: Make enough money to be able to explore his true -- which, truth be told, did not include carpet cleaning. (He was more of a basketball kind of guy.) Still, he took his new business seriously. He Today he has nearly 400 Oxi Fresh franchisees, and he understands if carpet cleaning isn’t their lifelong dream. But he’s found a passion in his owners … and in turn, he believes he can help them build a business they’re passionate about, too.

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