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Q&A: Why the Obamas became producers of the Netflix documentary 'American Factory'

LOS ANGELES - When General Motors shuttered its factory outside of Dayton, Ohio, in 2008, filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar - who documented the plant's closing in their Oscar-nominated short "The Last Truck" - thought that was the end of yet another sad story of America's industrial decline.

But in 2014, the billionaire owner of the Chinese auto-glass manufacturing firm Fuyao decided to invest in the abandoned GM plant, hiring more than 1,000 American workers to work alongside and be trained by hundreds of Chinese workers. No one was quite sure how this experiment in cross-cultural capitalism would work out - and, as it turned out, there would be some pretty major bumps along the way.

But whatever happened, Reichert and Bognar - a self-described "long-term couple" who have lived in Dayton for decades and have focused throughout their careers on the lives of working-class men and women - knew they

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