Aqua Blu


is part of the Aqua Expeditions fleet, which started with the river cruisers and . The company specializes in bringing high-end experiences to remote destinations. is the first superyacht to join the fleet and base year-round for charter in remote parts of Indonesia.

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Sydney by Day
Sydney Harbour has strong ties to yachting history. It hosts what’s believed to be the oldest continuously conducted annual sailing regatta in the world: the Australia Day Regatta, which has been held every year since 1837. THE QUAYS MARINE CENTRE on
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Communications Coup?
The year 2005 doesn’t feel like a long-lost horizon, but in the context of technology’s unblinking evolution, the chasm of time becomes insurmountable. That August, my then-girlfriend—now wife—and I were helping to deliver my dad’s J/44 to Maine. Dur
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The Itch
THREE YEARS AGO, MY OLDER BROTHER AND I sold the last boat we shared. The two of us have long owned boats together. During the past 19 years, we’ve owned three of them. Our similar taste in boats has always amazed me because we are such dramatically