History of War


Authors: Edoardo Albert and Paul Gething

Publisher: Granta Books

Price: £18.99

Released: 19 September 2019

Archaeology, the study of human history through the excavation of artefacts and

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History of War5 min letti
The Kaiser’s Gamble
Germany was late to develop its own submarine, promoted vigorously by the German Torpedo Inspectorate despite opposition from the naval hierarchy. On the outbreak of the war in Europe in early August 1914 the Imperial German Navy possessed two flotil
History of War2 min letti
Knight’s Spur
A metal device designed to be worn in pairs on the heels of riding boots, spurs direct horses or other animals to move them forward or laterally while in the saddle. During the Middle Ages, the status of a knight became closely related to his horse a
History of War1 min letti
Opposing Forces
Major-General Sir Bernard C Freyberg VC & Admiral Andrew Cunningham 17,000 10,000 (including 1,000 paramilitary gendarmes) 7,700 6,500 41,200 25 Matilda and Mk VIB Vickers light tanks Approximately 100 anti-aircraft and artillery pieces VS General