thing that Guru has been lucky enough to play with this month: the rather lovely LifeSmart Cololight (£80 for the six-block version). It’s a build-it-yourself smart lamp type thing,

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Look Good, Feel Good
In the context of Christmas gifts, shaving gear is a classic. Gillette takes it to a new level with its heated razor, designed to replicate a soothing hot towel shave at home. How? Via a steel warming bar that hits 50 degrees in a second. £199, gille
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Ready Player One
This remake of a PlayStation favourite is brought up to date with 4K visuals. In MediEvil you play Sir Daniel Fortesque, a dead knight resurrected by the evil sorcerer Zarok, who Dan must overthrow to save the kingdom of Gallowmere. £24.99 (PS4), gam
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Living Room
£399, sonos.com It might feel most at home under your TV, with its highly tuned and individually amplified five-speaker array blasting through movie soundtracks, but don’t discount the Beam’s many other abilities or its music playback. It’s one of th