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Countering Iran at Sea

Safeguarding the world’s most important shipping lane will require an international effort

European nations, alarmed by Iran’s capture of a British oil tanker on July 19, are mounting a response to protect their commercial shipping in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf. The Royal navy has started to escort British ships, and a plan for a European naval

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When Hawks Cry
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has done everything to demonstrate his desire for higher inflation short of dressing up as a dove and cooing in front of Fed headquarters. In August he unveiled a policy that not just tolerates but seeks periods of
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What’s Baked Into the Market?
Pundits who wouldn’t know baking soda from baking powder love to talk about what’s “baked into” the market. Is a Biden victory baked in? Is a second wave of Covid-19 cases baked in? In one recent week, Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Intelligence used “
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Disney’s Not the Happiest Place On Earth These Days
Caitlin Busscher, a nearly 10-year Walt Disney Co. employee, had been looking forward to returning to work after maternity leave. Busscher, who started out taking customer surveys on Main Street of the Magic Kingdom Park, worked her way up to designi