I Cry Every Time I Take a Hot Yoga Class, but Not For the Reasons You Might Expect


I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best at expressing my emotions. When , sadness, or confusion set in, I tend to file them away on a shelf and tell myself I'll deal with them later. In my mind, I always think I'll work through them on , but unless

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A Scalp Massager Brush Has Completely Transformed My Haircare Routine
Keeping my hair looking good always ends up being more complicated than it should be. For one, I have very little water pressure in my old shower, making it difficult to get my dense hair fully wet, let alone wash out all the shampoo. Because of my l
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Your Low-Impact Workouts Call For High-Impact Workout Clothes
We've learned through years and years of working out that sometimes, low-impact exercises can give you the most high-impact results. That's why we love yoga and barre class. Aside from making us feel more zen and centered, the exercises also help us
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41 Cool Stocking Stuffers For Teens - All $20 and Under
Buying gifts for teens doesn't have to be hard, especially when you're just looking for trendy things to fill their stockings with . . . that won't break the bank. The whole point of stocking stuffers is for them to be cheap and small, and fun to ope