The End of the Line

THE SCENE IS QUINTESSENTIAL HOLLYWOOD: A TRAIN STATION AT DUSK. STEAM BILLOWING UP FROM the tracks. Loved ones bracing for their emotional farewells. What could be more fitting for the cast of Criminal Minds? Chugging into its 15th and final season after more than 300 episodes, the police procedural is among the 10 longest-running dramas of all time, and in the top 20 for longest-running scripted television shows. “This is Gunsmoke and Guinness Book territory,” says Matthew Gray Gubler, who has played quirky FBI brainiac Dr. Spencer Reid since episode 1.

To honor the landmark occasion, all eight series regulars are gathered at a railway museum in L.A.’s Griffith Park for photos, poignant reflections, and a few behind-the-scenes confessions (mostly involving a tradition called “hot tub wine machine”—stay tuned). On TV, the tenacious profilers of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit—or simply “BAU” to fans—are a hard-bitten bunch, tracking down serial killers and other vicious “unsubs.” But in person, clearly good friends across the board and decked out today in their spiffiest finery, the cast can scarcely hold back tears as they get candid about their extended journey together and what it means to come to the end—sniff, sniff—of Criminal Minds.

Judging from the misty eyes and group hugs, it looks like the series wrap-up is generating “all the feels,” as they say. Are you

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