History of War


Authors: Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Price: 9.99

Released: Out Now

All most people will know about USS Indianapolis will have come from the chilling monologue delivered by the character of Quint in the Steven Spielberg movie . Quint’s speech was mostly accurate, but the story is, of course, far

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Derry-Londonderry’s Tower Museum has launched a new exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a remarkable maritime discovery La Trinidad Valencera was a 1,000-tonne Venetian merchant ship that was commandeered by the Spanish in Sicily. She
History of War5 min letti
THE SIX-DAY BATTLE FOR SIHANG WAREHOUSE, COMMEMORATED IN CHINA BUT UNKNOWN IN THE WEST, IS RETOLD IN GORY SPLENDOUR Director: Hu Guan Released: Out now Asian war cinema is a rich and under-appreciated genre, with many of its best titles still unsee
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The acclaimed author and historian spoke with History of War this issue. Over on page 29 he discusses the history of Napoleon’s exile on St Helena, some of the bizarre escape plans to free him, and the controversy surrounding his death. Belgium-base