11. A Camp for Kings

HE HIKE IN was great—like, massive-gorges, snowcapped-peaks, knock-your-socks-off great. But it’s nothing——compared to the Hamilton Lakes basin. We crest the final set of switchbacks, and suddenly we stand before a blue jewel of a lake surrounded by thousand-foot-tall granite walls. This is Yosemite

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STAFF PICKS Where’s your dream spot for social-distancing? Editorial Director Shannon Davis Wyoming’s Wind River Range Executive Editor Casey Lyons Not telling Senior Digital Editor Adam Roy Boulder, CO … Hey, it worked in The Stand Gear Editor Eli B
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12. Follow In The Footsteps Of Bears
I GUESS THEY named this place for a reason, I think when I see a set of fresh bear tracks in the dirt just before Beartrap Trail Camp. We’re in the former range of some of California’s last grizzlies, and their heirs—black bears—are plentiful around
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Fall From A Cliff
THE BLUE UTAH SKY filled my vision as I lay motionless on my back. My right arm was bent at a grotesque angle, my back felt like it had been shattered by a boulder, and I couldn’t move one of my feet. Only one person knew where I was, and she’d left