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High Regard

fter we published Will Cockrell’s story about Sam Kim, the hiker who set out to climb Southern California’s Mt. Baldy 1,000 times (“A Man and His Mountain,” May/June 2019), our Facebook followers chimed in with their own memories of the local trail legend. “Sam was my neighbor,” wrote Mark Galanty. “No one loved trails and the thrill of bottom-to-top-back-to-the-bottom days as much as Sam.” Tim

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Above It All
AFTER A NIGHT of wind howling through the treetops above my campsite, I wake to a silent dawn. The rain that drummed on my hammock all night turned to ice when a cold front moved in. A thick, freezing fog has settled here on the top of 4,222-foot Big
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Who’s Afraid of Winter
EVEN IF THE LAST SPOONFULS of oats weren’t frozen solid, there still wouldn’t be enough. Worse: The coffee was already icing over, my toes and nose were numb, and was it snowing inside the tent? So. Stinking. Cold. We were cruxing all of a half-mile
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Game Thory
ALDO LEOPOLD WAS SURE of himself, as young men so often are. It was 1919 and the 32-year-old had been promoted to assistant district forester, bringing 20 million acres of Southwestern wildlands under his purview. He knew two things: that hunting was