Teen Yogis Do Yoga On Nails And Eggs

Uttrasree Ilango just got a spot in a book of records for doing lotus pose for an hour atop 2,209 nails. Her brother can perch on eggs without cracking them. What's their secret?
She nailed it! Uttrasree Ilango, 17, can hold lotus pose on a bed of 2,209 nails for an hour. Her younger brother Dheepak, 14, can hold crow pose without cracking an egg. Source: K.Ilango

She sat cross-legged in lotus pose for one whole hour — on a board with 2,209 nails.

As she sat, her back straight and her eyes gently shut, she says she felt at peace. She was not nervous. And she felt no pain.

That feat earned 17-year-old Uttrasree Ilango a spot in the Pathanjali Book of World Records.

Her nail-sitting took place on April 21 at an annual event with an audience of about 250 people, conducted by the nonprofit Rudhra Santhi Yogalaya Trust. Since 2012, the trust

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