Lonnie G. Bunch III

The 14th secretary of the Smithsonian on his new job, the value of pandas and how to make the past personal

You’ve said you can tell a lot about a place by what it deems worth preserving. What does the Smithsonian say about America? When I started in ’89 at [the National Museum of] American History, the collections reflected a 1950s interpretation of America—great men or women. Over the past 30 years, the Smithsonian has made strides to making sure the

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Spain’s New Far Right Rides Nationalist Wave To Greater Power
FOR 44 YEARS, FAR-RIGHT PARTIES WERE anathema in Spain, thanks to the memory of Francisco Franco’s fascist dictatorship. But after elections on Nov. 10, ultraconservative Vox became the third largest party in the country’s legislature. Center-left Pr
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Between Countries
THE MODERN MIDDLE EAST WAS formed exactly 100 years ago when, in the wake of World War I, the victors began creating new countries. Among the populations deemed deserving of nationhood—along with Armenians and Azeris—were the Kurds. The Kurds had liv