Is Iran’s Reformist-moderate coalition coming to an end?

With Iran’s next parliamentary elections just eight months away, the moderates and Reformists are talking about ending their coalition, raising concerns that the hard-liners will return to power.

Former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (robed, center), former Vice President Mohammad Reza Aref (to the left of Rafsanjani) and a group of Reformists pose for a photo in Tehran, Iran, Feb. 22, 2016. Ten days later, a coalition of Reformists and moderates won the Iranian parliamentary elections.REUTERS/Mohammad Kazempour/TIMA

Iran’s Reformist-moderate coalition appears to be nearing its end as the two sides say they will not cooperate with each other in next year's parliamentary elections, raising concerns that hard-liners will win the vote again.

Iran’s Reformist and moderate movements joined forces against the hard-liners during the 2013 presidential election won

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