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Boating Butterflies

’ve been on boats my whole life, worked as a professional captain and traveled thousands of nautical miles, yet I still get a little nervous each time I head for open water. There, I admitted it. And you know what? It feels good to let others in on my secret. And just in case you feel the same way,

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Power & Motoryacht5 min letti
The Sound Of Silence
Standing on the flybridge of the solar-electric Silent 55 in Ft. Lauderdale, I looked up from my notebook and realized we were already 15 feet from the dock. I hadn’t heard the captain, who was standing right in front of me, start the engines, put th
Power & Motoryacht2 min letti
Astondoa 100 Century
What’s with the name of Astondoa’s newest yacht? This 100-footer celebrates 100 years of Astondoa boatbuilding, launched by Jesus Astondoa Martinez in 1916, with only a brief (and understandable) pause for the Spanish Civil War. If your eyebrows rais
Power & Motoryacht6 min letti
Worth Its Salt
Your boat depends on sea water, and I don’t mean just for staying afloat. Besides engine and generator cooling, most cruising boats have at least one appliance, usually an air-conditioning unit, and sometimes more than one, that depends on sea water