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The Lessons of 1944 Are in Jeopardy

Seventy-five years after D-Day, the United States should remember that on-the-ground leadership still works.

Thursday marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the allied invasion of the Nazi’s so-called Fortress Europe during World War II. This anniversary is particularly poignant because it is the last major commemoration for which a significant number of survivors who were actually there will be around to tell us about it. The D-Day generation has been rightly celebrated for what it achieved. Today more than ever, we need to remember what they learned.

D-Day is memorialized as a great battlefield success that led to a great strategic victory and the onset of Pax Americana. Yet it is at least as important to keep in mind what D-Day replaced: a grand strategy of retreat to avoid European troubles—an approach that catastrophically failed to

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