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Flawed truth

Ashok Alexander marshals evidence against the disinformation campaign on Indian sex-work conditions by those who insist that sex work is indistinguishable from sex trafficking.

A Stranger Truth: Lessons in Love, Leadership and Courage from India's Sex Workers, by Ashok Alexander, Juggernaut, 2018, 287 pages.

A pillar of society's important but flawed account of people at its margins

Over 20 million people had died from AIDS-and nearly twice that number were infected with HIV-before the world's elite paid heed to the carnage. Then, 20 years from the time the disease had first come to scientific attention, AIDS became the global cause du jour. At Davos, galas and idea festivals, billionaires, royalty and

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From The Editor-in-chief
One of India’s tectonic political shifts has been the metamorphosis of the BJP from the principal opposition grouping to the world’s largest party, which claims to have a membership of over 150 million. This change was heralded by the arrival of Prim
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Fumbling At The Finish Line
“Political tourism bahut achha chal raha hai (Political tourism is on in full swing).” This jibe from Union home minister Amit Shah, the BJP’s chief strategist for the West Bengal assembly election, on March 15 was directed at the 25-odd party leader
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Desperate Gambit
In the upcoming April 6 Tamil Nadu assembly election, Chief Minister E.K. Palaniswami is faced with a somewhat Herculean task—winning a third consecutive term for the All India Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK). Achieving this will match the record