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The art of plates

Put your break fork as you eat food that reflects fine design.

What is a plate if not a canvas, the chef as artist using imaginary strokes of genius to paint a dish that may not always be pretty but is provocative for sure. As dishes get more and more complex, the plating gets simpler in an attempt to balance the frenzy in the food. The diner is no longer seen as a passive

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The Human Jukebox
Q. You’ve said that the lock-down made you a barber, gardener and cook. Looking ahead, which of these skills will serve you most in the future? I became a housekeeping expert. I was an electrician, a mechanic and many other things. I enjoyed gardeni
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Women On Duty
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The Ken-betwa Battleground
On March 22, World Water Day, the Centre inked a tripartite agreement with the governments of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh to push forward work on the Ken-Betwa River Link (KBRL) project. Among other infrastructure, this entails the construction