Private by Nature

parking lot was packed. Over a dozen cars were sardined in, with more in the overflow lot 100 yards down the road. My heart sank. This was not what I’d expected when I planned a family-and-friends backpacking trip in California’s Trinity Alps last summer. I wanted to bring the crew to one of my favorite childhood lakes, and I had

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Meet the Neighbors
I STARTLE AWAKE AT DAWN to the sound of heavy breathing an arms-length from our tent. Heart pounding, I bolt upright, ready to fend off sharp-toothed swamp monsters lurking under our chickee—a 10-by-12-foot wooden platform on stilts that serves as a
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Coastal Getaway
I REALLY DON’T want to step on a salamander, but they’re making it difficult. A typical November morning drizzle has brought the forest to life as I weave through a sea of massive, moss-covered logs and evergreen salal shrubs. I’ve barely started the
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BY ELISABETH KWAK-HEFFERAN BEST PROTECTION OUR TAKE Yes, it costs more than the lease payment on a new Tesla. But with the Archangel, you get what you pay for: On above-treeline ski tours, sleetsoaked climbs, and expeditions where a leak would be dis