6 'Smart Money' Tech Stocks to Buy

Hedge funds are where millionaires and even billionaires funnel their money to find ways to outperform the market. They don't always live up to the hype, and they're constantly derided as too expensive. But they command more than $3 trillion in assets, possess a great deal of institutional brainpower and sometimes do produce the returns they promise. So it's smart to keep watch over the so-called "smart money" when evaluating stocks to buy.

And right now, they love tech stocks.

WalletHub keeps tabs on hedge funds' quarterly buying and selling actions. They comb through regulatory positions of more than 400 hedge funds, tally their positions in individual stocks, then rank the stocks by their total holdings value.

More than 20% of hedge funds' top 25 positions are in tech stocks at the moment - and that figure actually widens if you consider all of), for instance, shares space with mall retailers and restaurants in the consumer discretionary sector. Other stocks such as Facebook (), Netflix () and Google parent Alphabet () are part of the new .

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